About Us

Since June 2002 we have been taking care of Villa Aurelia, its splendid gardens, elegant interiors and every logistical and commercial aspect on a daily basis. Attention to detail and careful management have allowed Villa Aurelia to become a point of reference among the locations of Rome and for the world of private, public or corporate events, whether it be a board of directors or a sophisticated wedding. Within these walls Italian and international directors shot with their cameras, brilliant professors gave their lectures, orchestra conductors directed great musicians and famous photographers took beautiful images. Some celebrated their anniversary or birthday while others have chosen the Villa to have friends and relatives on their most important day. And every time the Villa manages to transform itself into the ideal place, with a little magic and a lot of know-how, work and commitment Villa Aurelia always manages to be the right place at the right time.

"Rome, a fortunate, invincible and eternal city."